Builder Use Only - 1st Inspection Request

First Inspection Request - No Fee

A certificate of compliance is the key document used to certify the legal use and occupancy of a home.  Owners must obtain a Certificate of Compliance for new homes or where construction changes the use of an existing home, such as a major remodel, before the home may be legally occupied.       
Certificate of Compliance Issuance: The Certificate of Compliance is issued after this electronic application is completed, all necessary approvals have been obtained from the HOA.  All fees owed to the Association are paid at the time of this request and all relevant violations or outstanding issues as a result of final inspection by the HOA are resolved.

Rough Hollow requires an as-built survey to be attached before application can be processed.

There is no fee for a First Inspection Request at time of initial plan submittal. 

Note: The availability of plans, specifications, or drawings dealing with ACC Submissions may be limited after two years.

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